Welcome to the landing page for David A. Harding—freelance writer, Linux and Bitcoin enthusiast, and former employee of both CentraState Medical Center (2001–06) and Too Much Media (2008).

I’m currently interested in freelance or part-time opportunities writing about Bitcoin. An enjoyable assignment is worth more to me than high pay. No altcoins or other scams. Please send emails to dave@dtrt.org.

I’m a writer, but I hate writing about myself—so here’s what other people say:

  • Just now I found out that David Harding wrote an excellent guide on setting up and running a #bitcoin full node: https://bitcoin.org/en/full-node !

    —Wladimir van der Laan,
    Bitcoin Core Lead Developer
    (source, posted 25 Mar 2015)

  • @harding That is a huge change, thank you so much for your work on this!

    —Saïvann Carignan,
    Bitcoin.org Site Maintainer
    (source, posted 9 Apr 2015)

  • David is an adept and skilled technical writer. For this job, he provided multiple descriptions of software and startup items, providing each with a reasoning for keeping or uninstalling. His prose was highly attuned to our needs, David making quick response to feedback. In the end, he completed the tricky task of writing accurate IT copy, while at the same time writing such that the everyday user could broach the topic. He comes highly recommended in terms of budget, quality, schedule, and aptitude.

    —Elance Client Cnext
    (source, Over $9,000 in repeat business)

  • @harding thank you! good catch!

    —Lawrence Nahum,
    GreenAddress Wallet Lead Developer
    (source, posted 6 Feb 2015)

  • Awesome, thanks for writing this down!

    —Andreas Schildbach,
    Bitcoin Wallet for Android Lead Developer
    (source, posted 15 Jan 2015)

  • David is too good to be writing for someone else! He is a true pro who really gives you more than you could ever dream.

    —Elance Client Mitz
    (source, Over $4,000 in repeat business)

  • Wow; great work.

    —Jameson Lopp,
    Statoshi Lead Developer
    (source, posted 19 Jan 2015)

  • Nice work!

    —Jonas Schnelli,
    Bitcoin Core Wallet Developer
    (source, posted 26 Jan 2015)

  • Exceptional work! I have nothing but praise. A lot of eLancers turn in great things that do exactly what I want, but sometimes a freelancer will come along and give me a new excitement for the project–David did that. He is a fantastic writer, and I hope I have the opportunity to work with him on several more projects.

    –Elance Client ContentProviders

  • David A. Harding [is in the] top 0.67% this year

    — Bitcoin StackExchange
    (source, retrieved 2015-04-25)