Selected Praise

Some nice things people have said about my work—a useful list to look at when I’m feeling a bit depressed and unproductive. Listed below in reverse chronological order.

Thank you @hrdng for this and the 50 other newsletters this year. You are one of a kind.

—Adam Jonas,
Special Projects, Chaincode Labs,
2019-12-29 (source)

As usual, stellar writing by @hrdng and @bitschmidty!

—Max Hillebrand,
Free software entrepeneur,
2019-11-20 (source)

This newsletter marks the end of a TWENTY FOUR WEEK run at providing educational and motivational content for bech32 native segwit adoption. Incredible work by @hrdng. See all 24 weeks at a glance here:

—Steve Lee,
Product Manager, Square Crypto,
2019-08-28 (source)

Once again I enjoyed @bitcoinoptech newsletter by @hrdng. This is the most informative and best resource and overview for developers and educators. I think @hrdng gets paid for doing this newsletter but every week it feels like it’s coming directly from David’s heart! Thank you!

—Rene Pickhardt,
Data Scientist,
2019-04-23 (source)

I’m super happy that David Harding wrote the foreword of Grokking Bitcoin! Thank you @hrdng for writing it and for everything you do to enlighten people.

—Kalle Rosenbaum,
Author of Grokking Bitcoin,
2019-04-16 (source)

David Harding was exceptional in his technical review of this book. He reviewed the text three times, with a lot of great comments. He’d better write a book about Bitcoin at some point, because he has an encyclopedic knowledge of nearly everything that’s happened in Bitcoin’s history.

—Jimmy Song,
Author of Programming Bitcoin,
2019-03-02 (source)

This is a must-read year-in-review. I’ve never encountered a year-in-review that not only summarizes the year, but simplifies explanations of complex topics, furthering understanding. Phenomenal year of writing contributions by @hrdng and thorough reviews by @jfnewbery!

—Steve Lee,
Product Manager, Square Crypto,
2018-12-28 (source)

And @hrdng? He just gives his time and expertise away for free, as he has been doing for years, because he’s a treasure and one of the most important and generous contributors in Bitcoin.

—John Newbery,
Director for Bitcoin Optech,
2018-11-03 (source)

Dave Harding […] is one of the most knowledgable, humble, and eloquent OG Bitcoiners out there.

—Pierre Rochard,
Founder, Bitcoin Advisory and co-host of the Noded Podcast,
2018-06-28 (source)

This manuscript benefited immensely from the help, guidance, and technical expertise of Bitcoin [contributor] David Harding, who has an admirable gift for communicating complex technical topics effectively.

—Saifedean Ammous,
Author of The Bitcoin Standard,
2018-04-24 (source)

David is one of the BEST

—Miles Suter,
Developer, Cash App,
2018-03-26 (source)

David Harding (@hrdng) visualized the benefits in the graphic below which comes from his phenomenal post here that I highly recommend:

—Spencer Bogart,
General Partner at Blockchain Capital.,
2018-03-04 (source)

Tweeting out this article from @hrdng on the Bitcoin wiki about techniques to reduce #bitcoin transaction fees again because you should read it

—Kyle Torpey,
Writer for Bitcoin Magazine and other publications,
2018-01-30 (source)

Best overview so far of proposed MAST upgrade to Bitcoin by @hrdng. It allows for smaller, more sophisticated smart contracts & greater privacy thus more fungibility.

—Christopher Allen,
Co-author of the TLS Security Standard,
2018-01-10 (source)

If you’ve been wondering what Lightning Network Channel Factories might be, @hrdng graced us with a kickass overview here

—Mark (Murch) Erhardt,
Community-elected moderator for the Bitcoin StackExchange,
2018-01-01 (source)

In case you missed it, like @brian_armstrong and @coinbase did, @hrdng wrote a fantastic article on saving money through Bitcoin payment batching back in August. Highly recommended read!

—Michael Goldstein,
President, SNI,
2017-12-26 (source)

@hrdng has published an excellent article showing how exchanges could save up to 80% of fees and 75% of space by just batching their withdrawals.

—Laurent MT,
Creator of the OXT block chain explorer,
2017-12-22 (source)

David Harding is one of the most concise thinkers I’ve encountered in this space and his knowledge is invaluable. If you want to take a deep dive into some of the technical aspects of Bitcoin and Ethereum, join our friends Pierre Rochard and Michael Goldstein as they sit down with David to talk shop for ~45 minutes.

Author of Marty’s Bent (newsletter) and host of Tales From The Crypt (podcast),
2017-11-16 (source)

A LOT of information here. Thank you for the articulate explanations, David!

—Janey Gak,
2017-11-15 (source)

Great explanation from @hrdng on what happens once #SegWit is activated. All facts are presented in a simple & straightforward manner.

—Samson Mow,
Chief Strategy Officer, Blockstream,
2017-03-17 (source)

The author is grateful for […], and David A. Harding for his outstanding contributions to and the Bitcoin Developer Guide.

—Mark (Murch) Erhardt,
Community-elected moderator for the Bitcoin StackExchange,
2016-11-01 (source)

This is great work David, thanks!

—Tuur Demeester,
Founding Partner at Adamant Capital,
2016-05-30 (source)

Nice article by @hrdng explaining by analogy “why contentious hard forks are to be avoided”

—Adam Back,
Inventor of Hashcash and President of Blockstream,
2016-01-29 (source)

@harding: Thank you for all of the amazing work you have done!

—Andreas M. Antonopoulos,
Author of Mastering Bitcoin,
2015-11-16 (source)

IMO you did a better job describing the [BIP65] changes then I did in git master

—Peter Todd,
Author of BIP65,
2015-11-08 (source)

David Harding is a little known but important contributor to Bitcoin. He’s done fantastic work on the developer guide.

—Mike Hearn,
Original author of the BitcoinJ library,
2015-06-16 (source)

@harding That is a huge change, thank you so much for your work on this!

—Saïvann Carignan, Site Maintainer,
2015-04-09 (source)

Just now I found out that David Harding wrote an excellent guide on setting up and running a #bitcoin full node:!

—Wladimir van der Laan,
Bitcoin Core Lead Developer,
2015-03-25 (source)

@harding thank you! good catch!

—Lawrence Nahum,
GreenAddress Wallet Lead Developer,
2015-02-06 (source)

Nice work!

—Jonas Schnelli,
Bitcoin Core GUI Developer,
2015-01-26 (source)

Wow; great work.

—Jameson Lopp,
Statoshi Lead Developer,
2015-01-19 (source)

Awesome, thanks for writing this down!

—Andreas Schildbach,
Bitcoin Wallet for Android Lead Developer,
2015-01-15 (source)